About us

Welcome to the world of ZIZELCHRISTIN

where fashion is a twin affair curated by sisters Ioanna and Christin.

Born into a family of fashion traders, our lives have been woven with the threads of craftsmanship and creativity. The inception of the ZIZELCHRISTIN label was a labor of love, seamlessly blending our names and adorned with the twinflower, a trademark encapsulating the very essence of our creation. 

At the heart of our philosophy lies "SPREZZATURA," an embodiment of unpretentious elegance deeply rooted in Italian culture. This ethos, coupled with our familiar influence, shapes the unique tapestry of our designs. Transforming deconstructed flower physiologies into patterns that amplify the clean-cut designs of our pieces. Our clothes are made in a small artisan workshop in Tuscany with a focus on fabric and tailoring. Located in the center of Athens our atelier, allows us to create alongside the pulse of the city.

Join us on this journey where every stitch tells a story, and every garment reflects the seamless fusion of tradition and innovation.