Il Punto Milano!

Il Punto Milano!

The Punto Milano is one of the most intriguing fabrics.

It resembles jersey, which we use to make T-shirts, but it's heavier and more compact. It's made from two sets of threads woven diagonally. The front side of the knit fabric has a fine vertical stitch, while the back side has a diagonal structure. Punto Milano is lightweight, durable, and has a smooth texture. It's exceptionally suitable for making trousers, as it has an elasticity that helps accentuate the lines of every body type. This fabric is ideal for every season. It maintains body temperature during the mild winter months while remaining cool in the summer.

For this reason, it belongs to the category of fabrics we call "Quattro Stagioni."

Punto Milano is not just a fabric for ZIZELCHRISTIN. It's more than just a material to use; it's an image taken from our teenage memories. We remember a gentleman around 50 years old wearing a Punto Milano blazer, walking carefree through the streets of Bari, and us sitting in a nearby café wondering what that so soft "thing" he's wearing is. We understood many years later, now being adults and working in the fashion industry, how Punto Milano is a source of inspiration in creating our collections.

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